Sleep and Skin Care

When it comes to skin health and looking younger many people automatically think of makeup or some type of nightly face washing routine. But can the true answer actually be a lot simpler than a nightly face wash and expensive over the counter makeup?
Well, the true answer is yes, actually sleep plays a huge role in your overall skin health. When it comes to skin health your sleep pattern affects multiple facets of your skin and in this blog post, we will cover a few of these topics.
1) Worsens Current Conditions
If you already have an outbreak or any other type of skin issue sleep can be your worse enemy or best friend. When you have an adequate level of sleep your body is less stressed and can help reduce the inflammation that may be in certain parts of the body related to skin issues.
2) Less Of What You Want 
During sleep, your body balances its hydration levels. Your skin can recover moisture while the excess water in the body is processed for removal. Not enough sleep has a result of poor water balance, which can lead to bags underneath your eyes and dark circles, also dryness allows for more visible wrinkles.
3) A Younger Look 
At increased high levels, hormones contribute to the breakdown of collagen (a crucial protein that is key in helping skin look young). Your body doesn't make as much human growth hormone in times of less sleep (which stimulates cell production), so skin won't be as thick. Without time to produce new, fresh cells and fix yesterday's damage, you are accelerating the aging process and collagen may stiffen early. Causing you not to keep that younger youthful look.
These are just a few of the ways sleep affects your skin, and how the sleep you put off tonight maybe the reason you have to spend more on skin products tomorrow.
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