Science Says... Women Need More Sleep Than Men!!!


Have you ever had a silly argument over who needs more sleep? You, or your significant other. Well, a study that followed 210 men an women has finally solved this question once and for all. 

Of the 210 people, at the end of the study, the results indicated women are prone to more health problems related to lack of sleep than men. 

Findings in the study?

The results of the study found that women suffer from psychological distress and feelings like anger, depression, and hostility. While men did not display these feelings caused by lack of sleep.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep does a lot to improve our overall health. It allows our brain to repair as well as other vital organs in our body. During sleep chemicals that help improve our immune system start to circulate in our bodies helping repair and fight harmful disease and infection. 

Many factors contribute to women needing more sleep. Some say women tend to multitask more than men, causing them to need to use their brains more. Others say the chemical make up of a women's body just requires more sleep to function properly. Women are the only ones that can bring life into this world, so that could be evidence there. 

On average women need at least 20 minutes more of sleep than men. 

Tips to fall asleep easily 

1) Set a routine bedtime and time to relax before bedtime

2) Avoid caffeinated beverages hours before bedtime 

3) Reduce the amount of blue light exposure from ( TV and Phones) 

4) Take a natural sleep supplement (60-30 minutes) before bedtime  

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