6 Ways To Manage Anxiety and Improve Sleep

Anxiety and sleep how do these two affect each other. Studies have found sleep and anxiety can be directly related. So lack of sleep has been shown to cause anxiety and anxiety has been found to affect sleep. 
Lack of sleep and increased anxiety can both affect your health causing you to lose energy, become irritable and even affect your heart by causing hypertension. So what is the best way to deal with these issues? Well, there are multiple ways to deal with anxiety and sleeping issues but some way may have different results upon others.
But don't worry we have composed a list of 5 of the best ways we found to help you deal with anxiety and sleep. 
1) Exercise- Yes, getting up and getting in motion has been found to both help ease anxiety and improve sleeping quality. Exercising in the morning or afternoon has been seen as the best way to help improve mood and work with your sleep cycle. Try to avoid working out at night because it can cause you to stay up.  
2) Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol- We know caffeine is used by many in the morning as a stimulant to help you wake up but too much can cause jitters and lead to that nervous feeling. As well as caffeine in the late afternoon or night can lead to unrest and troubles sleeping. Alcohol, on the other hand, increases heart rate and will tend to keep you up. Try drinking plenty of water in the afternoon and at night will help you calm down and achieve a better nightly slumber.   
3) Clear Your Mind- Relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing throughout the day can help ease your mind and reduce stress. Releasing the stress from the day or night can help you see situations clearly and relax.
4) Limit Electronic Use- Laptops, TV's, and Phones all are taking priority in our lives these days and they tend to cause a sense of unneeded attention. The need to check updates and see what is going on in the world is a constant silent thought in our subconscious. Reducing your electronic usage to only an hour or so a day will help ease your dependency on needing to check messages and seeing what you are missing out one. Doing this will allow you more time to focus on personal growth, family or a hobby you have always wanted to try. So limit your electronic usage and become a little more at ease with life. 
5) Ask For Help- Sometimes the world we live in can be a little much to handle by ourselves and that is alright. Instead of dealing with our problems ourselves reach out to a friend, family member or even counselor to help you in times of need. There is nothing wrong to ask for help or guidance. As a child, we had teachers in our everyday experience in school for guidance and that need for guidance does not stop when we become adults. 
6) Natural Supplements- Supplements have been used for years to help with thousands of ailments we have dealt with from headache to memory. Certain supplements that contain Chamomile, Valerian Root, Hops and Lemon Balm have been known to give a calming effect and help with both anxiety and sleep. So if you ever want to try something for anxiety and sleep try a natural supplement that may be the best way to go.